Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ski Slopes in Sweden

Go through extremes. Yesterday was outside, city-seeking day but today was more of an inside sort of day. I woke up in the morning pretty early with all the intention of going to the gym and getting all my laundry done but I didn't do it. I used my French press bodum Melior ( I got the 3 cup one which is so cute but when I tried it for the first time, it no work. All I got were friggin grounded coffee all over the place! Frustrated with my coffeemaker, I read in the instructions that I can only use grounded coffee that was coarse and not fine. What is the difference? I look desperately at my Starbucks packages. "Grounded coffee beans," it says. Doesn't say if it is fine or coarse or refined or elegant. Grind is grind. So help me God. So I tried it again, this time at a slower rate, and lo and behold, waalaa! Yippee Skippee. Panic over.
Some lady called me about market research and let us just say she was very uncomfortable asking me the questions. Only Aaron knows what is up. So I answered them and she would clip me off with "that's fine." I almost busted out, disclosing the sham. But I didn't. So I will go to hell. Thank God G is praying for me. She told me that she prays for me every night hoping that I will go find it in my heart to follow's God's path and go to church. "Why?" I ask her.
"Because I do not want you to go to hell," she deadpanned matter of factly. Geez.
Hope her prayers will get me the golden ticket.
Speaking of G, she came to visit me. She comes to my place all happy, giving me a perisimmon (which I am eating as I type) as well as an orange. I barter with two Fatwitch brownies ( and two bars of Xocatl Dagoba chocolates ( If I were to be typecasted in Niffenegger's _The Three Incestuous Sisters_, I would probably be the evil Ophile. I had been cleaning all day. G was way too chipper, she needed to go away.
I went to Rite Aid and got me some more Scotch Brite, Palmolive and Celestial Seasonings tea. Gristedes in my hood is ridiculous. Tea costs $4.99 there. Whole Foods costs $2.99 but they didn't have the Herbal sampler, which I wanted. Luckily, Rite Aid is on sale 2/$3. I got the Herbal and Fruit Sampler. Stoked!
I cleaned a big clean. There is a scientific theory that my studio staunchly adheres to. The theory states that order gives way to randomness. I am in constant clean and even when I clean, it begets more clean. But I love to see the effects of order. Being clean and being organized makes me feel so much better. Ideas stem from ownership. "I" did this. Accomplishment. I "did" this. Control. I did "this."
I go online for a couple of hours to seek out things for my edification. Though it is nice to randomly roam around the galleries in Chelsea, I would rather see some choice ones that I picked out. For example, yesterday Jo mentioned a photo gallery exhibit I would be interested in. Since I am not literally falling asleep while typing away on the blog, I can actually expound on some of the stuff I saw yesterday:

1)Micah Lexier-- Obsessed with time. David Then and Now, photographs 75 Davids from 1-75. Then he takes a picture of each of them 10 years after.
2)Tim Bavington--Aaron would like this. Twelve colors to represent the twelve tones in music. A system of color to music in barcode.
3)Shrigley-- Funny cartoony things that crack me up.
4)Sergej Jennsen--Fabrics on canvas. If paint is not on canvas, is it still art?
5)Josephine Mecksper--Amalgam of politics, art, media and fashion that translates to style.
6)James Baker--Bright lights, big city mixed in with things from his past. Pretty much shit that goes inside his brain.
What pissed me off is that among all of these, I thought Baker sucked big ass but among all of these, Baker was the one that got the gold star art review. What the heck. Either I suck at gauging or these art reviews need to uphold a reputation. They have to be avant-garde, zeitgeist. Please. Go to hell. Wait a minute, I am in it.
I was learning about the exhibits that are going on and it is interesting to know that Fra Angelico is a nickname for the artist Guido. His paintings were so cherub-like that he was coined that name. Barf. I am going to hit some stuff uptown next weekend.
Aaron you should be proud of your people. I once again watched Swedish cooking with Tina Nordstorm ( and I love her as I love how freshly she lives. I love the culture of the city but I love the wholesomeness of country life. I think it is so funny that she always sets up her own kitchen table before she cooks. How Ikea of her. And when she made mulled cider, I was like why vanilla vodka? Absolut sponsors her. Duh! She has inspired me to make some stuff. She is too cute. Jah!
NYTimes had a very apt section about skiing in the Travel section. Sweden, Jackson Hole, Bulgaria, Boulder. I secretly snip it out every week and put it in my scrapbook. Just in case I become a travel queen. But I really want to visit E in Boulder. I miss her lots. And I also want to snow bunny!!
Another article I love is the Madonna one. Yep, I totally relate to loving Madonna. Her Gwen Stefani, and Kylie Minogue in the musak genre.
I also like Nicole Ritchie, Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller, Rachel MacAdams. and Demi Moore. No rhyme nor reason as to why I like these people.
Trivia question of the day: According to Tina, what cooking tool comes from the Christmas buffets in Sweden?
(Yesterday's Answer: Gladwell)


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