Saturday, November 12, 2005

Eucalyptus & Mint Tea

Oh really. So sleepy. Went to a bunch of galleries in Chelsea. Too many to ennumerate but I vow to make it more of a point to check out the different artists exhibiting there. I did all of 20th street today. Next weekend I will do 22nd street.
Anyway, went to the Bodum store and got my Melior coffee press which I love. I like Riedel glasses better. Went to Little Pie Company and got some Fatwitch brownies. Went to Whole Foods for lunch. Thought about going to the gym but instead walked around some more. Went to Express, Zara and Gap Body. I read the _Three Incestuous Sisters_ by Audrey Niffenerger which I found to be kinda creepy but good. Then I went to the Union Square Market. The groceries are actually a lot cheaper there so perhaps I will start walking there for groceries since I have to pay extra for the organic stuff anyway. I went to a wine tasting and I really enjoyed the Willm Grand Cru Kirchberg de barrclos Gaenbroennel. I got me some eucalyptus which smells so good and really calms me. Then I had some tea at Wild Lily Tea house. I think I am going to go back there.
Grit. The idea that of perseverence, persistence, talent, hard work, optimism, focus, ambition, and leads to a more successful being. Sounds about right.
The Chocolate Show is back in town this weekend. I went last year and got a sugar rush choco headache from all those samples. I have all the Dagoba a girl needs and it is even not to warrant a need to pay 20 bucks to get some choco shavings. Ratings:

1) Xocolatl
2) New Moon
3) Mon Cheri
4) Eclipse

Those are the ones above 70% and I like them in that order. Counterintuitively, that means I will purchase Eclipse whenever I have a choco fix, only because since it is my least favorite, I will probably eat less of it. Fatwitch ratings:

1) Breakfast Witch
2) Snow Witch
3) Wicked Witch
4) Walnut Witch
5) Red Witch
6) Fat Witch

I like the Breakfast Witch the most because it is the least sweet. I am not a big fan of the chocolate on chocolate because I feel as if it is gilding the lily. Speaking of crafting, I found a store you can make your own earrings. I think that would be fun. It would be so one of a kind. I hesitate as to state if it will be special in a good or not so good way. Time to go.


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When I was living in NY, my days were *never* that interesting!! I envy you!!

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