Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Recent reconnection with a friend has made me contemplate the value of friendship. L is a very dear friend of mine throughout my high school days as we tried to pass Physics class together. We lost touch only due to after college displacement.
But luckily we both are on IM and talk almost daily.
She is on her way to become a high-powered lawyer. She is all grown up!
I am struck by how our conversations are that of ease, like our friendship puzzle fit together so easily.
I say that because not every friendship of mine are like that. But I really appreciate her and I am really glad she is in my life.
Kudos to you. Rock out on your new blog :)
L recommended quite a few books to me and upon going to Barnes and Noble today, I realized her picks were quite relevant to the bestsellers floating around me. Go L! Modestly proud of my readings, I have read all on the Harry Potter wall and one or two among the best sellers. I rushed back to the library to get my two books and I am committed to read them all. Sometimes I feel that time drags on while at other times, there is not enough time in the day. Bugger!
Another question answered is that while cottage cheese is a better source of protein, yogurt is better for you. But yogurt tastes so bad! I don't have a blender to make a smoothie. I really think it is an acquired taste so I am trying to get myself to find it in me to like it. It is really good for you and I really need all the protein I can get since I am staving off meat. I love meat but I don't think meat agrees with me. Tofu is so good but it gets boring. I wouldn't mind eating fish everyday but that is not good for the wallet.
'Tis the season...that time when Silk Nog cometh! I LOVE Silk Nog. It is so yummy. It goes great with my tea. I really need to find a non-caffeinated tea to sip when I go to bed. Any suggestions?
My next quest is to get standby tickets to see Martha Stewart because she is not taking any requests.


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