Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a Waddle!

As my beloved R is chowing down on the KFC, I looked at the nutritional value of it all which is next to nil. All lard but all he eats is pizza and chinese anyway so I think this is a step up for him.
How apt that Chicken Little is number one in the box offices!
I forgot to mention that I saw Barbara Walters yesterday. She is a lot more wrinkly in real life. And she was very slow going down the stairs.
I read the NYTimes today which was a surprise to me since I haven't really been able to sit down and focus lately. There was a plethora of good articles. I like Devil Wears Prada's Lauren W a lot. I like Opinionista. She is rather funny. Trenchant. Stay angry and clever, girl.
I made ten dollars online. I thought it would be faux but it got paypaled to me. These silly things add up to make my day. Right now half of me wants to curl up and read a book. The other half tells me that I should get my heiny to the gym. Gee, the ING NYC marathon was today and it just really inspires me to luxiurate in ass-sitting. Go me.
Trivia of the day: According to, who is the REAL top model?
(Yesterday's answer: Thirty-one.)


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