Friday, November 04, 2005

Body Revelations

How did it get so hot all of a sudden? Maybe tomorrow I will jog along the west side highway because it is quite beautiful there. I hope this nice weather lasts. Weather has been so shady and unpredictable.
I went to the Japan Society to see Akemi Takeya's Body Revolution which I found to be really weird. However, I guess I did appreciate it. There was a stream of consciousness in her work. Probably takes a lot of discipline to be able to perform the way she does. And she refers to the body as a kinetic specimen. What I found really interesting was that she lives in Austria. Why does she not stay in Japan?
Mohawks seem to be the "in" haircut now. I have seen quite a few people sporting it in my hood. I find it really funny that perhaps Maddock started the trend. Or perhaps Chicken Little. Regardless it is not one that I will follow.
Steam rooms better or saunas? Cottage cheese better or yogurt? Please advise.
Trivia of the day: What famous dessert are the Viennese known for?
(Yesterday's Answer: Woman in White)


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