Saturday, November 05, 2005

Popcorn New York

Schubert's "Great" was great tonight at Carnegie Hall. I also head Schoenberg's "Variations" but it was not as exciting.
Walking back home is such a bitch. Between CH and my abode is the nasty traffic otherwise known as ...Times Square. Tourists might deem it lively. Sure there is nothing like it. Tons of garbage. People haggling over fake Pradas. City that never sleeps. The only redeeming thing about that area is Popcorn Indiana. ( Oh my god!! All these new flavors. I tried the peanut butter and white chocolate which was heavenly. I love kettlecorn of course but I want to try the Ragin' Cajun and the Sweet Georgia Pecan. They have a new thing called drizzle and it bestills my heart.
Gorillaz's "DARE" is so good. I love Gorillaz.
Last Trivia of the Day was a joke. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane are in "The Odd Couple." I really want to see "Woman in White," "Wicked," and "Spamalot." Other than that, I have seen all the others that I wanted to see. My favorite has been "Chicago."
Popcorn, broadway, music, tea, over 70% dark choco, red wine, books, cinema, travel, magazines yoga, and running. That is me in a nutshell. Maybe not in that order.
Trivia of the Day: At what age did Schubert die?
(Yesterday's Answer: Apple Strudel).


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