Monday, November 14, 2005

Once again back is...

After over three weeks of grading thousands of essays, I can sit in front of a computer again without the constant feeling of needing to score something. By my rough estimate, I graded about 5500 essays. There were some interesting ones in every way an essay can potentially be interesting. I couldn't write anything down about them while I was working, though, which is too bad.

My favorite one is hard to choose. I had one about a grandpa who smuggled bibles into Cuba in the 70s. Another about an uncle who got shot in the head in Guatemala by the side of the road, found 8 hours later, pronounced dead, noticed 3 days later still alive, and survives to this day with a bullet in the middle of his brain that is slowly working itself out. I had two about Geddy Lee, which both managed to get "Tom Sawyer" stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I had countless Oprahs, Brett Farves, Lance Armstrongs, and Peyton Mannings, and I probably had over 500 papers on George Bush.

It was an interesting job, though pretty boring and monotonous at times, and my immediate coworkers were pretty nice. I really hated the commute, though.

I went to an audition/interview thing for the Princeton Review a couple weeks back and ended up getting invited to training in Columbus in January. It's three consecutive three day weekends. I haven't spent any time in Columbus, really, so that should be interesting.

The next month is going to be mostly spent doing GRE/grad school stuff and hopefully getting something part time somewhere. IU is looking more attractive each day. It helps that the application date is a month after Berkeley's.

It was an interesting day in the NFL. Colts won without too much worry. The game in Chicago looked pretty damn windy. Dolphins couldn't hold on against New England. Hard hitting game in Pittsburgh.

The Pacers' loss last night was despicable.

Well, that's it for today. Expect COTD, the music club, and, perhaps, the tea corner to be back this week. Later.


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welcome back.

who won?

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