Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Desist From Blogging

I hardly read the AM/PM or Metro newspaper anymore because I don't really commute to work. I like Metro newspaper so much more and was glad to be able to read it while on a commute to Teaneck today. Madge was featured in it and I really enjoyed what she said. At times, I feel somewhat conflicted between wanting the best for myself and digging inward to find a completeness in myself, without needing anything. There is no real conflict in that. "But it is about your life, your evolution your growth." Amen to that.
Two shows that I love on Mondays are "Related" and "How I Met Your Mother." While Aaron watches football, I am laughing (HIMYM) and tearing (Related). Both are very different but I love them for similar reasons. Both are vignettes of living in NYC in your 20s which I find totally relevant but HIMYM is really lighthearted in a "let's get drunk so I can get some ass kind of way" while Related is more of a heavy-hitting emotional. Martha Kauffman, who wrote for "Friends" is now doing "Related" and one of the guys from "Sex & the City" is the consultant for the show. I really enjoy it. It really reminds me of my dysfunctional family. Can't live with them but can't live without them. I can't underscore how all my sisters and I are just incredibly different but there are so many things on that show that remind me of me as well as my sisters. E is really the sarcastic one. I am always the baby. The actors are really great. What both shows have in common is that the characters are really human, endearing and can really sell you on the story. In the movies, you always want a superhuman face like Angelina Jolie that has that unattainable star quality. But after a long day at work, you just want a nice friendly face, good story and feel some old human emotion. Two thumbs up on both counts.
Pondering why it is that I blog. It is a discipline for me for my mind and in terms of schedule. Let things run forth in my day to my blog so I have some down time for meditation and contemplation. Yoga for the brain I guess. I used to be very voyeur about other people's blogs but there are only a couple of blogs I really read nowadays. I prefer to blog than to be blogged down with other people's. Most of the time it is people who post up drunk pics of themselves. I think I have gotten past that point, thank God.
I got a hair appointment at John Barrett, who is a stylist for the stars. He does Julia Roberts hair so it will be interesting what he comes up with.
Because I render my blogs pretty pointless, I think that from now on, if I don't have anything good to write about, I am just going to take an artist and a choice painting from the artist and write about the work and the artist's style. Then I get to learn and teach. Spreading some good to the world. Both Aaron and I are going to work in a soup kitchen on Thankgsgiving day. Gobble gobble!
(Yesterday's Answer: Smorgasbord).


Blogger aaron said...

Interesting. I just decided that I am going to start posting drunk pictures of myself on the regular. I just have to go with the flow.

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