Wednesday, November 02, 2005

jolly time

Jolly time's caramel apple popcorn is rather good. Do you know that popcorn is actually better for you than tortilla chips? It is more fibrous. I remember back in college my best bud E and I would only eat Go Lean cereal! We were just two really regular kids ;)
ANTM is my favorite show right now. I really do not know who shall win. My atavistic viewing does not help matters. All of them are so flawed. I like Lisa but she is kinda Tiggerish to a point of annoyance but Nic is like so pessimistic and self-doubting. Tyra has built an empire on modelling. Britain is coming up with a show too. She seems to think that America will buy into the dream of becoming a model. And you know what?
She is right.
Ok. So can they Sing is such a rip off of So do you think you can Dance? But omg omg omg! Kim Alexis and Bai Ling make me bust out! So off key but yet so smiley happy. I always thought people tone deaf know they are tone deaf, but I don't think so anymore. When Kim Alexis sang, the expressions on other singers faces were classic. I just died.
Avian bird flu is crazy. I will stop eating them cluckers. Where am I going to get my protein then? Tofu, boca, edamame. Maybe try an ostrich or two. Is road runner an ostrich? Aww, man.
Trivia of the Day: Who is Maggie Gyllenhaal dating?
(Yesterday's Answer: Michiko Kakutani)


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