Saturday, October 29, 2005


thurs spent idly
fri too...until i realize that it would be such a waste. i woke up really early all ready to do my laundry. instead i decided to have a snack. i put pumpkin in my oatmeal along with egg whites and soy milk and it is the best thing ever! then i went to the east village. the farmer's market in union square is probably one of my favorite places. i got some cherry apple wine which was delish and went to sephora to be bombarded with the wonders of beauty products. there are so many out do you know which one is the best? i walked back to whole foods and got some groceries and went home. i thought i did a lot already and didn't want to do anything else.
but i told my ex coworker i would go visit her. i also had a coupon to get a free sample of dr weil's plantidote as well as clinque happy so i decided to go. boy, was it chilly. no plantidote yes happy. then i went to see M. the office is still the same but everyone is different. there was so much candy/chocolate for halloween that i am really glad i don't work in an office but at the same time feel kind of contained from the festivities of the holidays. when i walk around new york, i feel so full of energy because there are just so much to see, to do and so many people around me. i walk and walk and walk and don't feel lethargic because right now i feel like this time of year it is the BRINK of something...more cold, more holidays, more people, more shopping/sales but just not yet. so there is plenty of excitement in the air. baited breath.
then i had an appointment with my facialist but before that, i got coffee at Fauchon which has the BEST coffee ever. How? I tried the sumatra coffee at Whole Foods and it was kinda blah and Starbucks is just a jolt of caffeine but this Fauchon stuff is heaven. $2.50 for a bit of heaven.
I went to 42nd Grand Central and had some ciao bella sorbet. The pina colada is heaven and I can even taste the pineapple bits. It makes me want to get their gelato at Whole Foods.
Today I woke up kind of early and I did not want to go meet my sister at the Met in the afternoon. Nor did I want to do the laundry that was taunting me. But I went to the gym, did laundry and met my sister. Van Gogh's drawings is an amazing exhibit because though I can definitely say that I am a fan of his, I never knew that he championed drawings. His early works was very focused and ornate and upon going to Arles, it became looser 1888-1889. I love his repetitions; he would draw the same scene to three different people Bernard, Russell, and Theo. Bernard's was always very stylistic and had very exaggerated dark lines while Russell's was very soft with curvilinear lines. Theo's seemed more to the point. The exhibit would juxtapose the pen and inks with the paintings which really underscored the magnificence of the paintings, which were really beaming with color and the dancing dabs of his brushstroke. But I can totally appreciate his drawings. I thought it was really interesting that when we left and we read that Van Gogh killed himself, my sister said that his drawings always seem sad while I thought that at times he just seemed unfocused. Perception is a rather naughty thing. We see what we want to see. We relate to who we are perhaps. Van Gogh's prolific despite short career inspired me to see more beautiful things in the city and I took a walk down Madison Ave. I even went to the Ito-en store and tried the Matcha Green Almonds which tasted like dark chocolate powder with almonds. I was very disciplined that even though I passed by not one but two Le Maison du chocolat, I did not purchase a macaroon. Nor did i purchase one at Fauchon the other day. I had enough at Paul's so right now I think that I should cease for a while instead of making it a habit. so alas...i must fold my laundry. which reminds me that i should donate some of it to charity. the fewer the clothes i have the less laundry i would have to do. it sounds about right but it may just be wishful thinking on my part. au revoir.


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