Sunday, October 30, 2005

union turnpike

Woke up super early today even by daylight savings day standards. I finished _The Queen's Fool_ by Phillippa Gregory which I brought to London with me. That was quite apt. Methinks that _The Other Boleyn_ was more suspenseful and more historical while this one was a lot more romantic and fictional. Elizabeth was described to have long flaming red hair but in the portraits that I did see of her, I did not consider her at all attractive.
Went to the gym and caught the penultimate episode of My Fair Brady. I like Adrianne Curry a lot so I hope the Brady does propose. I am going to the gym for less and less time but I really try to do more of a circuit now only because I want to keep the workouts more fun. I really shun the stair climbers though. I don't know why.
I read the NY Times today and my two favorite sections are Travel and Style. The Style section just had an article about goth. I preferred the Business section since it featured the two Google guys. I find Sergey really nerdy hot. I read the article about the profits they were generating and it behooved me to even search jobs there. Unfortunately, I do not have any experience in the search industry. I was hoping to go to Mountain View and have Sergey fall in love with me. Alas!
I was very displaced this afternoon geographically and socially speaking. I went to the Queens County Farm which was very far away from home. We did a Maize Maze, saw weird animals and walked around a pumpkin patch and even purchased some kettle corn. I am such a sucker for popcorn. I found the experience to be really amusing. I had a grand ol' time. The age group was considerably below mine. But I needed the orientation for the maze anyway.
Went to Sapporo for dinner. Ramen place but I got the curry. Lesson? Get the House Special Ramen. Duly noted. On the way back, I say the 7 person bicycle. It seems so fun. I want to ride on it.
I am so spent.
(Trivia of the day: What is the largest park in NYC?)


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