Monday, October 31, 2005

trick or treat...smell your feet

i abhor my coffeemaker so badly. it does not befit my studio. it is egregiously large. it has character, i give it that. the lid is broken. burn marks everywhere. the water level monitor is loose. i want a bodum so badly.
i cleaned my studio to the umpteenth degree. i don't think my apartment has never been this organized in my entire existence here. i have twice more space in my closet and now i can easily get my clothes. i think it is partially due to my cutting down of clothes. i can't believe that i used to wear that stuff or bought it thinking i would actually wear it. i kept a lot of it thinking that i would wear it someday. i used to find it really hard to part with something you spend on but now i don't feel so badly anymore. the only stuff i could not bear to give away are the clothes that my mom bought me. they are more sentimental.
but i have a huge suitcase full of clothes i will give away soon enough.
maureen dowd wrote a really relevant piece in the NYTimes entitled "What is a Modern Girl to Do?" Going abroad really broadened my mind literally. Life is more than this. More than the swill that is sometimes NY. And for me, I would like my life be more. I want to achieve something. But always at a price. Can't we just have it all?
Trivia of the Day: Who also from the times is dowd's best friend?
Yesterday's Answer: Pelham Park


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