Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sexual Healing...Oh What a Feeling

Dude. So I pride myself in being pretty well-versed in the 5 seasons of Sex in the City.
So guy friend takes test and gets a whopping 94%. Hah! I can beat the crap out of him!


I take it and get a ...60%. They told me that I "don't work well under pressure and should try again and maybe take a Viagra this time."

Thanks. You more than made my day. Asswipe.
I went to Le Maison du Chocolat and got me some macaroons. I need to stop. The coffee one was sooo good! My...I also got a yummy pistachio caramel. The Rockefeller Rink is now in session. Time goes by so quickly!
Aldo has some nice shoes. Wedges seem to be really in this year. Read in Styles that Kors from Michael Kors is a hit. But they all look like Eskimo shoes that costs $400 dollars.
Was also at the Marriott Marquis on 45-46th Street and Broadway. One would think that it would be crass but it is actually really nice inside. A haven from the heavy-lidded lights of Times Square.
Dr. Andrew Weil is going to have a line for Origins. Pat Wexler has one for Bath and Body Works. There is a definite trend towards biopharmaceutical/skinceutical products which I find interesting. However, I do believe that organic/naturapathy is the way to go.
My fridge is clear of any food. I really want to try an ostrich burger. I still have three days to go before I leave. Cooking is such a hassle. Call me Betty Crocker.
Looking at all the things I have done, I was such a waste of space today. All I do is eat look at nice things and do fun things. I am so shallow!! On that note, I am looking forward to watching America's Next Top Model and continue to read my chick lit book. Au revoir!


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