Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hung Up

Madonna's new single "Hung Up" is pretty good but does not hold a candle to the Killers "All these Things that I have Done" which I have been listening to religiously.

Reality Bits:

1) ANTM--Bye bye Diane. The pattern is that they always have a fat but fabulous model who never makes the final cut.
2) Martha--Dawn was going to go. Primarius is unstoppable. Love her letters. So snide.
3) Trump-- Get over yourself Toral. Good schooling does not equate good breeding. Get off your high horse. However, I do smell a blonde clique that reeks of cattiness. I have a newfound respect for Rebecca. I hope she goes all the way!
Finished _The Botox Diaries_ which was excellent! One down ten thousand more library books to go. Had character development and good laughs. There seems to be a new thing where writers write together. Next up: _The Second Assistant_ which features two writers again.
On a side note: I saw Jennifer Weiner on the telly and she looks larger than her bookcover picture allows. She seems to have a lot of heart though.
Went to Laughing Lotus with T today. So crowded. What pounding the pavement and weight training do not do is teach you mantras that is good for the soul. Today we learned to listen to ourselves. Even if something is hard and our mind does not allow our body to do it, we should not deny it but rather accept that we can't do it and make that choice. I think a lot of times, I do not do things because I am afraid. Afraid that if I truly tried and still don't make it, I have no one to blame but myself. But Patty told us today as long as we do our best, it is good enough. I like Patty.
Side Note: Why are yoga centers offering classes in Japanese? Some niche market?
I tried to cook a chicken patty today and it was going well until it kinda singed and my fire alarm went off. "Fire Fire" it deadpanned. Lo and Behold my fire alarm talks! I think it is a testament as to how often I cook or at least how well I do it.
Next up: Pumpkin pie.

Batter up!!


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