Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lots of Sports

This weekend was pretty fun.  The USC-Notre Dame game was amazing.  It’s pretty cool watching a game and knowing for sure that you’ve witnessed sports history.  Once USC converted on 4th and 9, I knew they’d win it.  Better luck next time, Notre Dame.  

I went to a house party on Saturday night at a really large and nice house in a quiet neighborhood.  It was kind of strange.  The beer was free, and the rock and roll was too.  Good times.

Sunday, I watched the Denver-New England Game and the end of the Angels-White Sox game.  I love seeing New England lose.  The White Sox will win the World Series.  I wonder if everyone and their brother will write a book about it when they do.

Work today was fun.  Two of my co-workers and I decided to make our jobs a bit more interesting.  We drew up a 64-team bracket and spent the day qualifying the individuals who were mentioned in the students’ essays.  Once a celebrity/musician/athlete/politician was referred to twice, they were placed in the bracket, seeded in the order in which they qualified.  The four number one seeds were George Bush, Peyton Manning, Lance Armstrong, and Brett Favre.  Round one begins tomorrow.  The first person to be referenced in each bracket moves on to the next round.  We haven’t decided if we’re filling out our own brackets or just seeing what happens.  Regardless, my pick for the dark horse of the tournament has to be Bill Gates, seeded abnormally low at around 13, I think.  I don’t have a copy, because of confidentiality regulations regarding removing documents from the scoring room.

Monday Night Football was awesome.  What more can I say.  Big plays wherever they were needed.  Huge defensive effort.  Huge offensive effort.  6-0, yo.


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I choose Oprah.

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