Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Run NY

Drench. H to the 2 to the O. Everywhere.

1)Shower-- My bathroom is leaking water downstairs so this is the second time Russian men are coming in to fix the shower. The whole floor was fixed but now the walls are pink, and the floor is this aquamarine. Such a fashion disaster! Apartment is so not instyle. West Elm come rescue me! Water everywhere.

2)Gym-- Before I even set foot in the gym, My sneakers, socks, pants were utterly drenched. Bazooka. I contemplated going home but then I asked myself a question anyone of sound mind would ask himself at that moment, "What would Lance do?" Lance would work through it! So water abound, I worked through the splatters, the pain, the burn. Steam room afterwards.

3)Bikram-- Because I do not like to stretch, I decided to do yoga today. I sweated buckets and leaving the center, the rain had nothing on me. I was already one wet noodle with one crazy noggin'.

Clean as a whistle inside and out. Do I dare venture today?
You betta believe it.


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