Monday, October 10, 2005

Totes R Us

Bikram is awesome. Cleared away my sinuses!
Went to World Financial Center to see the TaiwanToday orchid show. Bamboo and orchid arrangement was quite beauteous. Ambling within the center, there is everything you need there: food, clothing, knick knacks. You never have to leave really. I guess that is the idea.
I got off at Chambers Street which was the last stop on the E train. Wait...the map said World Trade Center is the last stop. Duh!! I haven't been there for the longest and looking at the cage hole, I felt so overwhelmed. I got all teary. I attribute it to my cold and the wind but the energy exuded from that area is overwhelming hollowness. It is not sadness. More like a bereft. Or perhaps not knowing that something is lost but realizing it is and you lived without it all along.
BR clothes is quite pretty this fall. I like the cuts and the colors. Deep wine and deep aquamarine.
Gap I am not such a big fan of. Everything is happy though. It makes me want to put on a pair of jeans and a nice yellow top and jump for joy cuz I am fallin' in the Gap!
Century 21 is a sheer hellhole. I went to buy an umbrella and all the totes were scattered and open. Samsonite and Nautica available too. But I picked the signature tote with the round grip. It is a tad bigger than the regular one but I think it shall withstand tough weather. I wanted red but got it in tan. Tan matches better with things.
Went to Carnegie Hall. Always ten thousand commissions beforehand with terrible, dissonant music but it is the end we were all waiting for. In this case, it twas Gershwin in F Major. The pianist was quite dynamic. I rather enjoyed it. Didn't fall asleep once! I met a girl who reminded me of another girl in high school. I think it is rather funny when people start reminding you of other people. I shouldn't be old enough for something like that!
It was weird because I met someone there who I felt I knew a really long time ago. Like the comfort level was there. I find that really heartening since I thought that all the people you really connect with you have already met, but I guess that is not the case. But it is weird how there are very few people in this world you truly connect with and care about. Family is a given, but friends? Maybe I am not so old. Maybe I still have some more people to meet.
All in all, I ended the friggin' day going to Rite Aid. While others are buying Snickers and candy corn, I bought me some cough drops. *HACK*
Yeah, you kiddies, if you come a knockin' you will be getting some cough droppin' ;)
Happy Halloween!


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