Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sneakin' Around

Never have I ever run my sneakers down so much that I simply had to get another pair. My Asics have no sole. Completely tattered.
Which means I need to get a new pair.

I got these!!

Never have I ever bought an economy size tin can of Equal/Splenda and run out of fake sugar. Not one packet left in my house. No sense of accomplishment felt but rather, an shot of alarm as to how much cancer I allow myself on a daily basis

Never have I ever had a full fridge. I make coffee, I drink all of it. I buy food, I eat all of it. I get a condiment, I use all of it. No pacing. Learning to moderate life is a process. I want results!! But life is not always about the end. Work that edge! In Bikram, we always do sets of two. First one is always diagnostic, second time we always have to push ourselves a little bit more. Same with life. Ok so you sucked it up the first time, learn from it, move on and do it even better the next time. There is a Buddhist Mantra that I really love.
"Please give me the grace to accept things I cannot control
Courage for the things I must face
Wisdom to see the difference between the two."

Something along these lines. So be it.


Blogger aaron said...

Here's an interesting sugar substitute story... When I was about 6, I discovered a big box of Equal packets in the kitchen cabinet and proceeded to devour around 30 of them. Interestingly enough, the effect of this error in judgment on my part caused me to become incredibly allergic to chlorine, causing me to break out into hives upon entering a swimming pool. Unfortunately, I was enrolled in this camp thing where I had to go swimming in the pool every day. That sucked big time. Therefore, I now despise sugar substitutes of all kinds.

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