Saturday, October 15, 2005

More Work, Urine

Work the past two days hasn’t been too bad.  Yesterday, I passed my qualification exam, scoring a 100%.  The rest of the day was spent waiting around for the people who didn’t pass it to take another one and for my supervisor to spend three times the necessary time to explain the correct answers on the exam.  It was mad boring.

Today, we began scoring the essays.  There are two laid back guys to the left of my assigned desk who joke around and are very helpful.  There is a very loud, obnoxious woman to the right of my desk who I believe was a man at some point in the past.  I took my time, not really breaking a sweat, and ended up scoring 120 exams.  I know I’ll get faster than that as the month progresses, so I will be fine as far as my productivity goes.  I had one disagreement with my ‘cell leader’ regarding one of my scores that she reviewed, but today it didn’t count against me.

Many of the essays were quite interesting, if a bit random and inaccurate.  Lots of Orlando Bloom.  Lots of Bush.  Lots of random family members.  Lots of  Oprah.  I learned that parrots can’t eat pickles, chocolate, onions, or garlic.

I saw Urinetown: The Musical tonight.  My friend Phebe was in it, and she was excellent, as usual.  I’m not a huge fan of musical theater, despite having played in many pit orchestras for that kind of thing.  However, I really enjoyed this.  The writing and the acting were both hilarious.  The singing was generally very good, though there were times where some of the performers were singing a bit below their range.  I didn’t catch many of the references, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, regardless.  If you are anywhere near Indianapolis, go see it at the Phoenix Theater before the 23rd.  If you aren’t going to be in Indy anytime soon, sucks for you, but you should see it somewhere else, anyway.  

That’s it for me today.  I hope the Notre Dame/USC game tomorrow is awesome.  Later.


Blogger goaskalice said...

As a fellow musician, you know that the symphony requires that lead musician (you) relent to the tempo of the rest of the orchestra.
Because being a workhorse doesn't pay.
You must know from past experience.

Ok I will try to Urinetown and hope not to pee from bouts of laughter.

1:29 PM  
Blogger aaron said...

Apples and oranges.

7:49 PM  

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