Monday, September 05, 2005

Hot Tamales!!

At a fiesta, having grand ol' time when I check voicemail. Manager calls to tell me that "yes, we are on target with the regional director at Bridgewater tomorrow." Did I miss something here?! Aye, Dios Mio!! But inured to the corporate world, I voicemailed his asswipe back to tell him "I got the message and I look forward to meeting with you." So here I am, trying to google where the hell Bridgewater is.
Agassi won!!! I am so happy for him. If he beats Coria, he has a good chance of being in the finals. I am not much of a Sherapova fan. I much rather Venus or Davenport win.
Need new sneakers. Being such a gym rat, I can tell what kind of athlete you are by the soles of your shoes:

1) Neophytes: Average, middle-aged, distended guy or gal that either is finally starting that new year's resolution or decided to finally get with Oprah's program. Sometimes has a fitness instructor to help motivate them, meaning that they spend the hour just chatting so the aforementioned guy or gal can justify that carton of ice cream. (Shoes of choice: Anything found in the closet be it ten year old Keds or LA Gear).
2) Pretties: Hey, I live in Chelsea where the boys are pretty. They go to the gym to see and be seen. Some might even be donning on the Alvin Ailey unitard. Others wear Paul Frank and cargoes. Wherever they go, they must be high in style. (Shoes of choice: Nike Shox).
3) Beefcakes: Tougher than Hulk, these peeps amp up the weights and drink creatine between reps. They grunt like they meant it! ARRRRGH!! Cardio? Who has time for cardio when there are fifty nautilus machines to attack. Rage on, brother. (Shoes of choice: Sandals)
4) Marathoners: Cardio only. With Ipod taped to the side of the arm, these people wear tees that betell what marathons they ran or what sports they did in college. Run Forest! (Shoes of choice: Saucony).

So what shoes do I wear? Asics.
Trivia of the day: What is Agassi and Graf's son's name?
(Yesterday's Answer: Idina Mendel and Taye Diggs).


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