Sunday, September 04, 2005

Character Of The Day

Chǎn. This character can act as a verb meaning to give birth to or to produce. It can also act as a noun meaning product, asset, or property. Here are some words involving this character.

产地 – chǎndì means place of production
产出 – chǎnchū means output or production
产能 – chǎnnéng means production capacity
产品 – chǎnliàng means product or produce
破产 – pòchǎn means to go bankrupt
共产 – gòngchǎn means Communist
私产 – sīchǎn means private property
特产 – tèchǎn means local specialty
流产 – liúchǎn means miscarriage (noun and verb)
遗产 – yíchǎn means inheritance
产科 – chǎnkē means obstetrical department or obstetrics
产卵 – chǎnluǎn means to lay eggs (birds) or to spawn (fish)

So, as we can see, this character has many uses, relating both to birth and to production. That’s it for today. Let me know if anything’s out of order or if there are any questions. Take care.


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