Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Deadly Sin

Dinner for two deal at Subway. Two 6 inch subs for 7.99. I downed both of them! I just realized I just at dinner for TWO!! I am such a glutton.
Went to Chikalicious and everything is just so quaint. Cute but pricey.
My favorite dessert of all time is Key Lime Pie. Pumpkin pie is a close second.

People demonstrating at Union square. Anti-Bush.
Whoa...I am so terse today because I did shit!! I logged in a good two hours at the gym. Venus beat Serena. Though I am the youngest, I am partial to Venus. I think she is more constant than Serena who seems to be more of a dilettante.
There is literally NO food in my apartment. NONE!! Like if I was locked in here, I would have to subsist on ice, coffee beans and Coors Light.
So tomorrow I will go get some groceries and clean up my apartment. How did it get so crazy messy already? Well, I might also meet up with Crystal whom I haven't seen in a year.
The two songs that I have been listening to nonstop, "Never Tear Us Apart" (INXS) "Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd).
Trivia of the day: Which real life couple is starring in "Rent?"
(Yesterday's answer: "Take My Breath Away," "Every Breath You Take," and "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch))


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