Sunday, September 04, 2005

Livin' on a Prayer

It is official. I am going to London! My sister booked the tickets and we are planning on stuff to do already. My goal is to ride the London Eye at night which I think would just be so amazing!! She really wants to go to Madame Taussauds and Harrod's (where they have Diana and Dodi's picture) and the House of Parliament as well as the standards like Kensington, Buckingham and Big Ben. I am really really excited about the trip because I think it will be fantastic! Because in the past I have always been like "ok wouldn't it be fun if we did this or if we had the time/money we can do that and go there?" This is it!! I am just gonna have a good time. I say this because when I look back at Paris, I didn't prepare for it. I had a great time anyway but because E planned the iternerary for me in advance. I think the best part of the trip was when we ate at the top of the Centre de Pompidou and had the whole view of Paris. I loved going to the top of the Saint-Chappelle where all the sides were made of stained windows of the stories in the Bible. The details were immense! I was floored and just inspired by everything around me and I thought to myself "this is what life is all about, experiencing great things and just doing my thing in the best way everyday." Come to think of it, the Louvre was great, the Eiffel Tower at night was fantabulous, the pistachio macaroons were so yummy and getting to go to Giverny where Monet painted those lily pads were awesome, I am so honored that E asked me to accompany her again!! Carpe Diem! London here I come!

Today was such a fun day. I woke up early to go to the gym. Agassi inspired me because he is 35 and still playing at the US Open (he made it to the next round.. Yay!). He is just so passionate about life and doing great things (he has a center for underprivileged kids in his hometown Las Vegas) how can I not but go to the gym and work my ass off? I dug how they asked him about what his plans are and he just shrugged it off and said that he spends all his time and focus in the present that he doesn't know what will happen tomorrow. I really love his passion and the heart he brings to the sport. Go Agassi!
Went to meet G to see 40 yr old Virgin which is like the cutest movie ever! I love Steve Carrell. We snuck into March of the Penguins and it was very sad but at the same time so adorable! Mother Nature is rather interesting. Wedding Crashers still be my number 1 movie this summer!
Met Toni at Sing Sing on Avenue A and belted out "Losing My Religion" and "To Be With You." Had a great time! I think I am getting old now that I am no longer insecure about myself and go there and not sing. But the bad news is I am going to be very hoarse tomorrow. Hopefully going to Chikalicious and getting some dessert will soothe my vocal chords.
I read the second part of 100 yrs. It reminded me of "Unbearable Lightness of Being" (Milan Kundera). Love and war. The pervasive theme of generational sin (how the good/bad you do passes onto the next generation) is present in this story. Good karma from now on!! I don't want my kids to be messed up!!
Trivia of the Day: What three songs do Aaron sing during karaoke?
(Yesterday's answer: 6" Turkey sub for lunch, Footlong Veggie Delite for dinner)


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