Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blister in the Sun

Terrible blister on my ring finger on right hand. I never realized how much I use that finger until I have to make an effort to not pop this boil. It is el grossie!!! :(
Yet fascinating at the same time what your body does to try to heal itself. Do they just magically go away or does it somehow pop by itself? I never had one before I guess because I was never stupid enough to actually scald myself with a teapot. Go me.
It is too hot to do anything. Too hot to clean. Too hot to read. Too hot to go to Billy's Bakery to get cupcakes. Too hot to do anything. One hot minute after another. Mad hot minutes.
Why is it so humid? Just rain already!!!
I have to gym later. Last time the had wonderful samples of Jamba Juice shakes. I don't understand people who go and do the machines with like a level one intensity. Go big or go home!! My philosophy in life. But lately I have not worked out with as much intensity because something in me is just tell me to ease it up a little. I haven't been sleeping as well lately so maybe that is why. ZZzzz...
But most of the time it is more of a mental thing. Like I give myself mucho work and for the first fifteen minutes I am just like "I can't do this, I don't wanna...I wanna go home," then afterward I get my groove on and just give it all I can. Once I do, I feel like I can do anything. Good way of starting the day. :)
A stair-climbing fiend goes to the machine wearing a Barney plastic suit underneath his clothes and sweats profusely. EVERY DAY. I find it really disturbing. What is the problem?
My only gripe is that the handles of the machines tend to be sticky either due to multiple use or because the remote is not adhering to the handles. Mucho mucho germs!!! Best not to think about it.
Hope April wins BB6. We work in the same profession. I gotta root for her! I am really glad I am not entrenched in the office politics anymore. What I have learned in the corporate world is to always cover your ass, always leave a paper trail, am always as good as your last project, always be in defensive mode, always let your life be compromised by work.
"Good job yesterday on that account. What?! You didn't get the email? But I cc'ed you on it. I printed it for you too. Should be on your desk. So you know that means you will be staying late tonight again. No problem? Good."

Ty got booted. Suzie and Marty really ripped it up. Now I really want Marty to win.
I even voted for them!!
Trivia of the Day: Which male tennis player has won the most Wimbeldon titles?
(Yesterday's Answer: CHAZ)


Blogger aaron said...

You should either ask your gym to provide paper towels and sanitizer spray bottles, or douse the machines with gasoline and set them alight (briefly) before using them.

12:21 AM  

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