Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Character of the Day

Huā. Who doesn’t like flowers? I know I like them. My favorite is the lilac. Anyway, today’s COTD means flower, something resembling a flower, fireworks, pattern, multicolored, blurred, or to spend. A lot of meanings for one little flower. The top part is cǎo () which means plant, and the bottom part is huà () which means change. Clever, eh? It’s a good way to remember it, at least. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the numerous combinations that include this character:

火花 – huǒhuā means spark
五花八门 – wǔhuābāmén means rich in variety
爆米花 – bàomǐhuā means popcorn
菊花 – júhuā means chrysanthemum
黄花 – huánghuā means chrysanthemum too, apparently
绣花 – xiùhuā means to embroider
荷花 – héhuā means lotus
莲花 – liánhuā means lotus as well
天花板 – tiānhuābǎn means ceiling
梅花 – méihuā means plum flower
浇花 – jiāohuā means to water flowers
棉花 – miánhuā means cotton
兰花 – lánhuā means orchid
开花 – kāihuā means to bloom
葵花 – kuíhuā means sunflower
桃花 – táohuā means peach blossom
花瓣 – huābàn means petal
花茶 – huāchá means herbal tea
花费 – huāfèi means cost
花粉 – huāfěn means pollen
花花公子 – huāhuāgōngzǐ means playboy, fop, or dandy
花篮 – huālán means flower basket
花钱 – huāqián means expenses or to spend money
花生 – huāshēng means peanut
花白 – huābái means graying (hair)
花剑 – huājiàn means foil (the fencing sword)
花子 – huāzi means beggar

There’s even more where that came from as well. So, there you have it. Let me know if there’s any more information I should be including, elaborating on, or leaving out. Later.


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