Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reunion of Sorts

Physical haggardness precludes any fun time. So spent a lot of last week just trying to restore the body. Had been drinking obscene amounts of Diet Sunkist and it just doesn't do a body good. So I am really trying to nourish it because if this machine clunks, I really don't have the ability to do things. I admit to put a lot of undue stress to myself because I really like to run/spin/do anything hard. Wednesday, I made a terrible boo boo and went spinning again because I missed the big endorphin rush. But, boy did I pay for it. I could not move any part of my body and I was running on five hours of sleep so it really didn't have a chance to repair itself. So I was walking around not being able to bend. I looked like a zombie. It hurt to even kneel down to pick things up. Later in the day, I had a migraine so decided to stretch some. Aah..much better! Will ease things up. Lesson learned.
Went to an advanced screening of In Her Shoes. I loved it! Even better than the book!!
Shirley Maclaine and Toni Collette gave an all star performance and even giggly Cameron Diaz stepped up to the plate. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me laugh again. What I love about Jennifer Weiner's books is that they are real. The movie had a lot of raw emotion. The human condition. A beautiful experience.
Geezus. I am literally book-logged. I get so library card happy. Borrowed four books and I really do not have time to read it. Egad!!
Katie Holmes to have Tom's baby. One of the comments posted "hope she doesn't get post partum depression). Ha!
Saw Aaron yesterday! Haven't seen him in five years. Crazy huh? Glad he will be back on blog to be the executive art director again (only he has the capability of posting pictures).
Really excited about the weekend!! Hurry up and come already!!
Triva of the day: Which Hollywood couple is rumored to be in the outs?
Yesterday's answer: William Faulkner.


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