Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Product Mania

Barnes&Noble. Life&Style. In Touch. Star. People. Us Weekly.
I cannot keep up. White Flag.
Yoga. Healing.
Liking it. Avuryedic calls to eat better. Cut out diary. Use Aromatherapy to destress.
When did I become such a hippie? Omm...
Drinking loads of water. Feeling better but wherever I went, I panicked before I found out where the bathroom is. Needing to go to the powder room frequently is not fun.
Love dumplings. Prefer homemade ones. Made a point to text message my sister (hint hint hint) about my penchant for them. My family made me a bagful of them and the act makes me so sentimental. The thought is sublime and makes me remember what is real. Stuff is just background noise. No need to want . But I still would like the Ipod Nano (playing around with it today while at Tekserve).
Trivia of the day: Who wrote _The Sound and Fury_?
(Yesterday's answer: Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga)


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