Friday, September 30, 2005

Low Culture Mooo

Three reality shows of late that I like to watch: Apprentice Martha, Apprentice Trump, America's Top Model. Digging OC & My Fair Brady. Prefer Martha to Trump since the players are more likeable. Favorite for Martha's show is Carrie.

Martha is quite intriguing. Below that calm, arts n'crafts veneer lies one resilient no-nonsense bitch. I wonder if she will snap, but devilish flickers revert back to the slow-burning fire. She has yet to implode.

I dig her workmanship attitude. Girls never cry. Never quit. Always make the best out of a bad situation. Adversity made her more ghetto fabulous. Gotta respect her because she faced hell and made a great comeback! She makes Trump look like a pansy.

Trump's show. Same old formula. How would I make it better? Perhaps instead of focusing what went wrong, maybe comment how the candidates can be better. Workshops with George and Carolyn. This "you suck, you're fired" is getting kind of old.
Don't know who will win either of those. But for Top Model:

Favorite: Lisa
Winner: Nik
Runner-Up: Nicole

They will make it to the final three. As for Survivor: Guatamala not a fan but got it through the grapevine that Steph didn't win. Oh well. Another rep bites the dust.
Aaron yaks musak. He sent me a song a while back. M.I.A's "Fire Fire" and it was on the OC tonight! OC's pics are not too shabby
Two fat loads of laundry. Forecast: Rain. Crappola.
Crys & Yoga at 7:30 in the morning. Giant Squid!!
Lots of movies I want to see. In Her Shoes. Two for the Money. Into the blue.
Should really go to the library. Erudition. Got two books.

As for magazines, Vogue is tardy again. Is not point of subscribing to be one of the first to attain issue? Newstands taunts me so.

Lindsay Lohan is in Chelsea filming a video. This hood rocks!

What happened to tea corner? Where have all the flowers gone?
Trivia of the day: What luxury group does Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan belong to?
(Yesterday's answer: Sean Preston)


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