Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Laundress Among Us

Mighty tired. Woke up but didn't go to yoga. Instead of going back to sleep, went to do laundry. Fifth floor walk up necessitates a grandma cart for laundry. To do old school like that, gotta go all the way. So I bought the Jaguar of all carts-- a black, sleek one from the Container Store that set me back fifty bucks.

But it breaks down often. I carry my dirty laundry down the stairs only to realize that one of the wheels popped off.

Go to the laundromat to find that I have no mo' detergent. I have a queen size 52 loads worth of Tide and now 'tis all gone. I am one dirty lady.

Turns out that the laundry lady's birthday is tomorrow. Clean queen.

Go to Whole Foods, organic market. Come back dry clothes, fold clothes. Down to a science. Hip hooray.

Except I have yet another load waiting for me at home. Maybe I will do it tomorrow. In honor of the cleaning lady's b-day.
Completely happy M called me. Told her about the reunion on Tuesday. Wish you were here!
I just want to take this time to reflect. This summer has been an individual constructional phase but now I hope I am new and improved. Back in action. But the friendships I have rekindled and maintained I am so happy for. The others are part of the past. All the people I truly care about are still in my life. I am so blessed!
Trivia of the day: What are date rolls made out of?
(Yesterday's answer: LVMH)


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