Monday, October 03, 2005

Odd Jobs

The good thing about gym in the morning-->VH1's Jump Start.
Bon Jovi's "Have a Nice Day" was on!! Egad...I helped out on it. That woman who asks him to sign the autograph in the beginning is the wardrobe coordinator!!
She was from LA and had the nicest outfits!!

What I remember about the shoot:

1) Bon Jovi and the guys requested health food only.
2) Also requested Santa Ana Pinot Grigio.
3) The ending was suppose to be with John Edwards but Jon didn't like him so they tried to find Hilary Clinton but she was away in Africa. Al Sharpton was to sub.
4) Jon didn't like John so I had to white out the "h's" in the treatment.
5) Jon was picked up from the Hamptons.

I thought the concept was lame. I found myself digging the video tho. Self-reflexively cool.
Other videos I enjoyed:

1) Cool (Gwen Stefani)-- Love Italy. Love her brunette and blonde. That dude looks like Matthew Williamson.
2) That new Ricky Martin Song-- I don't remember him being so damn hot. The sultriness of the video is making me like the song!! Keep on doing close-ups of his face and maybe I will even buy an album.
3) Shake it Off (Mariah Carey)-- Though she has this annoying habit of showing one side of her face, I am bopping to the video. My favorite part is when this young overweight girl dances next to the phone booth. She can really dance!!

I love boy rock. The Killers have new songs I am digging. Green Day has a really great new album. Why oh why do I like the music of men who wear eye makeup?
The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes...what happened to me? I am even listening to Rolling Stones!!

Speaking of music, I am officially a market research assistant for Carnegie Hall. Another odd job to add to my list.
First up: Boston Symphony Orchestra. Coolz.

Ok...this is enough for now. I am running on empty. I think I did more today than many days combined.


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