Thursday, September 29, 2005

Character of the Day

Kǎo. I, like many people, especially men, like to roast things. It’s a great feeling to get back to cooking’s roots by roasting a dead animal over a fire and then eating it. I went to a nice (for Indianapolis) Korean restaurant this evening and did just that, and damn was it good. So, I present the COTD, which means to roast, toast, or bake. It’s a great character to know, especially if you find yourself in a carnivorous mood in a Chinese restaurant with no English on the menu. Just point to whatever contains this character, and you’ll be all good. The combos are as follows:

烤鸭 – kǎoyā means roast duck
北京烤鸭 – běijīngkǎoyā means Peking duck
烤肉 – kǎoròu means barbecue or to barbecue
烧烤 – shāokǎo also means barbecue or to barbecue

There you have it. I will probably present more cooking terms in the near future. That’s most of what I know, because I spent most of my time in China in restaurants. So, that’s it for today. Bye.


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