Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Style of the Fashion/Beauty Times

Lurrrve reading fashion designers bios. Alber Elbaz of Lanvin featured in past Sunday Times magazine. His clothes are a thing of beauty. Oh to live in Paris, do shows, travel around the world to seek inspiration! His 2006 spring line showcases the geisha's obi. Amazing life he leads but seems like he worked hard to get there. States that he does not create perfection but tries to attain it. The struggle is what it is all about. A more poetic designer for sure.

Lurrved how Valentino said that Lindsay made him "uncomfortable." He no likey the Paris. Only he can say such things! He loves perfection and gleans it. Opulence and extravagance.
Borba. A nutraceutical drink to help age defy, clarify or replenish your skin. Tried it at Sephora. MAJOR grossy. Don't think I can drink 2 bottles/day and spring $100 for it. Gummies, cleansers and lotions also available. Vow to consistent;y take my flax oil & multivitamin instead. Sage alternative.

Patricia Wexler bonanza. Top dermatologist in NYC. Came out with a glycolic kit for Bath & Body Works. Beauty for the masses. Yippee!!
Except I called the Chelsea store. "No we don't have them yet. Go to a flagship store."
I think I met my soulmate on blog. Also a gym rat. Works at Whole Foods! A man after my own heart.
But he is in a relationship. He is also gay. Bugger the blogger!
In an effort to resuscitate my back. No longer doing strenuous exercises. Major lows for a week due to lack of endorphins. Using caffeine as substitute. Now walking on treadmill and stairclimbing less maniacally. Feel the burn!! Plan to yoga/pilates more. Hope I like it!
Bread anyone? I pretty much tried all the bread at Whole Foods.
What I think:

SEEDuction is the best.
Honey Boule is sweet but don't think it is as good for you as others.
Balthazar's Levain really crusty. Yum!
Sourdough is a tad too sour for me.
12 Grain is nice but kinda plain.
Ciabatta is flat, italian. Nothing special but the shape.
Rye, garlic stickbreads tend to be hard because they have been there for a while.

What is next up to try? Chocolate, cheese...chicken sausage. Stay tuned.
Trivia of the day: In the NY Times article, what fellow designer bought some clothes at Lanvin?
(Yesterday's answer: Babbo, Bar Jamon to name a few)


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