Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chicken Sausage & Beer

Goal to eat more protein. Went to supermarket to see what is out there.
To my bewilderment, Whole Foods provides a special selection of chicken sausages, organic or not. Mario Batali & Applefarms seem to dominate this category.
Very few apple-flavored chicken sausages were left. Grossie.

These hot dog like things were practically oozing out of plastic.
Mild, Medium or HOT?!
Mario Batali's smiles at me in his rotund-like glory with sausage links hanging around his neck.
For $5.99?

I bought some Smart Dogs instead. Eponymous.
Another grossy. Melania having a Trump kid. Eww. Bad imagery. No old men for me.
But that Adrienne Brady guy is kinda cute. He is 47. Bruce Willis is not too shabby either.

Trivia of the day: What restaurant does Mario Batali own?
(Yesterday's answer: Rimmel).


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