Friday, September 23, 2005

Death...its so Passe

Back to school. Fall Season. Heave ho.
Alas! Busy work. Everything seems so NOT illuminated...the city is so empty.
Even the Empire State Building, usually a resplendent red, white, and blue is now a easy forgettable champagne color of a sedan that is out of style.
Revelers of the summer still away in hopes to prolong warm spells. Autumn embracers are like disciplined ants, gleaning towards the winter's repast.

Where does that leave me? Neither here nor there.

A big question mark.

Typified not by a season but rather, by a grammatical demarcation.

What lies around us is hoopla of all sorts. I complain about it. But when it is not around, I rather miss it.

Nostalgic for things past. Hope for the future. Cherish the present. Always and forever.

Like the painting below, our surroundings seem to overwhelm, dominate and even take a life of its own. What a sublime life!
Trivia of the Day: Who is this painting "Monk by the Sea" by?
(Yesterday' answer: Lacrosse)


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