Thursday, September 22, 2005

Can't B Flat when you are A Sharp!

Mayhem in Times Square. Tried to go to an advance screening of "A History of Violence." DENIED. Right across the street was an advance screening of "FlightPlan."
Note to self: If time equals money, then these things aren't really free. SCAM!
Trailors galore on 34th Street. VH1 Hip Hop Awards. Madness ushering people in.
Note to self: Next time, if someone asks if you are part of the hip hop segment. Say YES!
Finally, a reality rep I can watch. Stephanie of Survivor:Guatemala clearly rules the island. Someone strong. No fuss. Unlike the frilliness over the Firestone bachelor nor the bitchiness of BB6. Oh gag me with a spoon!
The Apprentice rocks too. Season two/three were bit of a bore but this season seems promising. Fingers crossed. No rep for Trump hire to my dismay. Tsk Tsk.
Note to self: Stop watching so much goddamn telly.
Tivia of the week: What sport did Stephanie play throughout college?
(Yesterday's answer: Todd James)


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