Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The New Yorker

Never read the New Yorker.
Read tons of magazines, but never touched the New Yorker. Dunno why. I guess because I AM a New Yorker. Do I have to read who I already am? Pssh posh!
The New Yorker mag taunts me tho.
"I am too sassy, too chic to be your viewing pleasure. You probably won't get me anyway."

But I did the deed. And it is...


More in depth than most. Nittier and grittier. Love the Valentino and Haruki Murakami bits.

To lead the life of a fashion mogul...*SWOON*.

I love New Yorker.
Trivia of the day: What contract does Kate Moss still have?
(Yesterday's answer: Austin Powers)


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