Friday, September 23, 2005

Character of the Day

Mèng. Who doesn’t like to sleep? I know I do. One of the coolest things about sleeping is dreaming. I know I’ve shared some of my more interesting ones with all of you, but I haven’t shared how to express the concept in Chinese. This character can be translated as dream. It’s pretty useful and combines with some other characters to make some different words, so let’s take a look at them.

梦话 – mènghuà means words spoken in one’s sleep or raving nonsense
梦幻 – mènghuàn means dream or illusion
梦见 – mèngjiàn means to dream about or to see in a dream
梦境 – mèngjìng means dreamland or a dreamlike world
梦寐 – mèngmèi means to dream or to sleep
梦乡 – mèngxiāng means dreamland
梦想 – mèngxiǎng means to hope in vain or to dream of
梦呓 – mèngyì means talking in one’s sleep
梦游症 – mèngyóuzhèng means sleepwalking
梦魇 – mèngyǎn means nightmare
做梦 – zuòmèng means to dream
噩梦 èmèng means nightmare
恶梦 èmèng also means nightmare

So, now you can talk about your dreams, both figurative and literal. So, that’s it for today. Take it easy.


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