Sunday, September 25, 2005

Let's Have a Ball!!

Check it!
Hentaro the Hamster in a bento. What will they think of next?
Ray made my day with this:

R: they should make these in restaurants
A: yeah like, hey can i get a hamster please?
R: or order of the keroppi...hey you know what? That hamster has balls! or a ball sack!
A: stop checking it out!
R: did you notice?
A: that is not his ball. that is an acorn that he is holding.
R: with how kinky the Japanese are? I doubt it. Maybe it's like his folder for young adolescent boys. ;)
A: do you want to know something really funny?
R: what's that?
A: you know that they labelled everything, like it is like in katakana. So for ham, it is ha-mu. And the sausages, say weina...
A: Weiner!!!
R: HAHAHAHAHA. I love it!!!!!
A: The friggin hamster is made out of weiners!
R: Kinky! his ball sack made out of weiners?
A: Amaguri. A sweet chestnut. Hah!
Speaking of nuts, Demi & Ashton got married this weekend! After "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle," I have a newfound respect for her. I really like strong women. Not a fan of weak girly girls. So kudos to her for taking some time off, looking better than ever and snagging a hottie like Ashton. I really hope it lasts because they actually seem to be in love.
Trivia of the Day: What blockbuster movies did Demi Moore produce?
(Yesterday's answer: Sweet Charity.)


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