Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Let's Fly the Friendly Skies

Sheraton Newark International Airport. Not to be mistaken by the Four Seasons Sheraton also in Newark. How does one get there? NJ Transit. Monorail. Shuttle bus. In that order.
Tip for you guys: When getting on a hotel shuttle, please make sure you are on the right one. Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Ramada, Holiday Inn...they all want your biznaz.
Four other shuttlemates. Two couples. Old codgers. One's from England, other Ft. Lauderdale. About to embark on cruise.

"Remember," bespoke one woman to another. "Even though it is not on the menu, you can ALWAYS order the shrimp cocktail."

Oh Behave, you sassy lass.
Back to the city thinking rush hour has waned but realized it was not the case. Pack of Acela, NJ Transit, Newark Airport brats that not only commuted from another state, but perhaps another country. Once met a woman sitting in first class. She lived in Newfoundland, near Wales but worked in Princeton, NJ.

How do you do it?

"Oh, you know. You get your flights protected beforehand. You have the towncar waiting outside. It is not best way to live but you have to take care of the kids."

Yeah, woman. I feel your pain.
Trivia of the day: What is LL Cool J's real name?
(Yesterday's answer: $24,000)


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