Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Character of the Day

Guang3. Here is a useful character. It can be translated as wide, broad, extensive, or to spread. Here at bubuxinxin, we do things big. Real big. So, it’s quite an appropriate character, if I do say so myself. Lets look at this character in its natural habitat, paired up with some if its friends.

广播 – guang3bo1 means to broadcast.
广博 – guang3bo2 means extensive (referring to someone’s knowledge)
广场 – guang3chang3 means public square
广大 – guang3da4 means vast, wide, or numerous
广度 – guang3du4 means scope or range
广泛 – guang3fan4 means extensive, wide-ranging, or widespread
广告 – guang3gao4 means advertisement
广阔 – guang3kuo4 means vast, wide, or broad
广义 – guang3yi4 means in a broad sense
广东话 – guang3dong1hua4 means Cantonese
宽广 – kuan1guang3 means vast or extensive
推广 – tui1guang3 means to popularize, to propagate, or to promote

So, that’s it. This character has plenty of different uses, so I’m sure you’ll find it useful in one way or another. This was one of the first characters I learned after I first arrived in China, as there are 广场 everywhere, so it’s useful for navigation purposes. So, that’s it for today. Take it easy everyone.


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