Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hi-C on Life!!

Orange you glad blogger is working again? Glow with glee! Diet Sunkist obsession hits max. Supply is not meeting demand.
Tonight is the mother of all reality nights. Why? O'let me count the ways...

1) Kelly Monaco& Elaine's Boss in "Seinfeld" battle it out in "Dancing with the Stars" (Take 2) final. Ho hum. YAWN!!

2) O'so Krispie wins "R U the Girl?" TLC will now be...TCO'so Krispie. Her mom looks like Aunt Jemima. Breakfast. Yum. TOAST!!

3) Maggie wins BB6. Don't even know who the hell she is and all of a sudden she pops up in the finals and takes home all the moolah. Stealthy rich. Filthy witch. She was more of a default. Lesser of the two evils. CACKLE!!

4) JD wins!! Did I predict it or what? J'adore Martin but I think I now love me some Lovehammers. JD fits with the band more. But alas, INXS is old farty. PooPOOooo!!
Whew! Oh what a night!

Trivia of the day: According to NYMETRO, how much does a panhandler in NYC make a year?
(Yesterday's answer: Jennifer Aniston)


Blogger aaron said...

13 exclamation points. I think that may be a new record.

10:14 AM  

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