Thursday, September 08, 2005

That's My Name, Don't Wear it Out...

Jordis out. Agassi in. Am I good at predicting or what?! Misstep on the Coria though but it will just be an easier path for Agassi. I really want to see Agassi and Federer in the finals. But by then, Agassi's ass is going to be so tired that it shall be an utter rout. Poor Agassi. Hope Steffi will make it all better. :)
I am hankering for some Cookies n' Cream ice cream. I have two dollars in my wallet. Pathetic.
Aaron yaks. Aaron Plow Cow. Haha, I crack myself up...
Speaking of names, back in the day when I was a young chickadee, a boy once rapped to me using my name. Oh, let me count the things that rhyme with "Alice:"

1) Palace
2) Malice
2) Chalice
3) Phallus

Needless to say, he did not win my heart. I appreciate the effort, got my attention but not my affection. Rhyme on!
Dippin' Dots. I want a Dippin' Dot confetti cake for my next birthday. And I want to go to Great Adventure and ride that new Kingla roller coaster. I want the Ipod new Nano!!
I want I want!! Such a freakin' brat. Bugger.

Finished "It's Not About The Bike" (Lance Armstrong). Three adjectives to describe his character from what I gather in the book: Determined, Strong, Inspiring. An immense read.
New health products have a tendency to dupe. Like Whole Foods was giving out samples of this new coconut water that is suppose to help your digestion. Coconut water by nature is suppose to aid your digestion. So you ain't me telling me something new. You didn't invent rocket science. Don't mess.
But then, I am currently hyped up caffeine, corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. I rule the yuletide. Yakkity yak. Don't talk back.
Trivia of the day: Who is Sanrio character Hello Kitty married to?
(Yesterday's answer: Tom Colicchio)


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