Sunday, September 18, 2005

In a Chelsea state of mind...

Went to see Proof. Used to be a Broadway show. Not much of a Gwyneth fan but surprisingly enraptured by the movie. Her character development was par but all other elements were just okey dokey. A role with meaty substance.

Even before the movie, completely enamored by the movies come winter time. Can't wait for Casanova, Derailed, Rent and Memoirs of a Geisha!

Went to a beauty store, Fresh. Everything was so neatly wrapped with beautiful origami paper. To my surprise, found myself loving this perfume inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha. I love me some skanky toilet water. Scandalous!

Walking around the East Village, I reminisce about my old 'hood but definitely realize that I am more lower west side. EV seems more collegey/populous to me. Chelsea is a tad more laid back. EV...too many people everywhere. Bed bugs, dirty rats, NYU kids... creatures of the night.
As a lover of art and wishing to be more of a Chelsea advocate, I will run with Aaron's idea of promulgation and start frequenting the galleries scattered around here. I always mean to go but so west!! But when the mood strikes, I will attend. Love Robert Smithson so will start with his Floating World this week. Piece of land on a tug boat so it would be nice to catch a glimpse of it. What is this idea of the natural habitat? Growing up the city, always thought that Central Park was nature. Nature to me is quite manmade. Interesting concept.
Just Like Heaven topped the box office this weekend. It was rather heartfeltly good. I am 99.9 % parched. Can I get a Diet Coke or something?
Trivia of the day: What soon to be movie will Gwyneth Paltrow star and produce in?
(Yesterday answer: 60)


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