Friday, September 09, 2005

All I Wanna go to Sheryl Crow's Concert

Uh-oh. I am drinking too much soda again. I feel caffeine withdrawal pangs. I have always been a loyal Diet Cokaholic but I made the switch to Diet Pepsi. Make that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Diet Coke's marketing messages are too confusing. Geezus stick to one diet soda!! Diet Vanilla, Lime, Lemon, One, Regular...holy cow there are too many choices!! I can't choose. I choo choo choose...Diet Pepsi. brainer. :)
I don't like to admit this but I like Ashlee Simpson's music. Her new song, "Boyfriend," is kinda catchy. I think "My Hump" from the Black Eyed Peas is funny. I even like the new Backstreet Boys song. Wanna get Sheryl Crow's new album. Green Day rocks too. Weirdly, I am also getting into the Rolling Stones. But the hottest guys in rock/pop are: Brandon Boyd, Justin Timberlake and Jack Johnson. Hands down.
Yay! My host mom sent me a care package! She came to visit me last Christmas and back then I was in my salsa&chips/Wheat Thins craze and she caught the bug too. She is more obsessed with Wheat Thins than I am. Her son really loves Sponge Bob. They don't have either of those things in Japan so we barter. I send her Wheat Thins/Sponge Bob stuff. And she sends me white chocolate Kit Kats. So good! Can't wait!!
Travel-wise, my goal is to go to:

1) Guam (to eat)
2) Boulder (to ski)
3) Miami (to dance/club)

Because I never been! I also want to go to DC & Boston to visit my friends I haven't seen in a while. Where has the time gone?
My ex supervisor, L, is going to watch Agassi tomorrow at the Open. Lucky Duck. She always takes this week off for the Open. She is a bigger tennis fan than me!! D is also coming back to NYC so she can get together this shindig for Katrina. I always find other people's accomplishments so staggering. I am honored to even know them!!
TLC Update. Down to the wire. Oh so Krispie, Meeah and Mirrah are still in the running. Who will win? exciting!
I feel SPECTACULAR! I had a really good workout. I even did the stair climber. I hate that effin' thing. It is like the red-headed stepchild. Even when the gym is at its busiest, no one uses them. I also am not a big fan of the treadmill but for a different reason. After I go on it for a while, it looks like someone kicked me in the shins. Big Bully!!
Maybe instead of getting a car from the company, I should just get a bicycle. God knows, that will save me from the egregious ticketing and the random acts of towing. Picture me at work on this. So awesome. :)

So many Sanrio characters nowadays! Can't keep up! Look at this po' guy. I need to rescue this buster.

Trivia of the day: Who did Sheryl Crow use to back-up sing for?
(Yesterday's answer: Dear Daniel)


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