Monday, October 10, 2005

Character of the Day

Yǔ. It is apparently raining in NYC. It isn’t raining here. Regardless, unless you live in the desert, it will probably rain near you at some point, so why not study this character. It means rain. It’s involved in these combos:

雨点 – yǔdiǎn means raindrop
雨季 – yǔjì means rainy season
雨具 – yǔjù means rain gear
雨量 – yǔliàng means rainfall
雨伞 – yǔsǎn means umbrella
雨水 – yǔshuǐ means rainwater or rainfall
雨鞋 – yǔxié means galoshes or rain boots
雨衣 – yǔyī means raincoat
下雨 – xiàyǔ means to rain
酸雨 – suānyǔ means acid rain
暴雨 – bàoyǔ means rainstorm
豪雨 – háoyǔ means pouring rain
风雨 – fēngyǔ means trials and tribulations

So, I hope you easterners dry out soon. Keep in mind that the plants like it, though. Bye.


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