Sunday, September 11, 2005

Character Of The Day

Jù. This is one of my favorite characters. Originally, it represented a carpenter’s square, but now it means huge, tremendous, or enormous. It looks pretty imposing, in my opinion, so it’s a good fit. Let’s look at some combos that involve this massive character.

巨大 – jùdà means huge or enormous
巨额 – jù’é means a huge sum
巨人 – jùrén means giant or colossus
巨擘 – jùbò means an authority in a field
巨头 – jùtóu means magnate or tycoon
巨无霸 – júwùbá means Big Mac
巨著 – jùzhù means monumental work

Wow. Try saying that last one five times fast. I suppose this means I shouldn’t create a monumental work of literature or something. If someone wanted me to talk about it in Chinese, I’d make an ass out of myself. So, if you’re going to China to become a tycoon, best-selling author, or just to go to McDonald’s, this is a character you need to know. Well, that’s all for today. Take it easy


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