Saturday, September 10, 2005

All that Jazz!

Hail Agassi! Hail Federer! Holy Mother of Mary...Pierce that sucked. Stinky cheese. I am completely torn as to who to root for tomorrow. I would bet my $$ on Federer but my heart wants Agassi to win. Long live Agassi!!

Fashion Week at Bryant Park. The exciting hustle and bustle reminds me why nyc is indeed the best place to be living in. Thought about what I really wanted for myself (dig deep!) and the game plan is to stay in nyc for three more years before I move. Giving a timeline for myself really makes the goals that I have more concrete. Less abstract. No longer as indefinite. Sign of old age. I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my trousers rolled.
Beauty week for me. Haircut. Facial. Manicure. Spa. I need a massage before my back gives out!
I give up on the online Self Challenge. I accidentally put down I was 11 lbs thereby messing up the whole calorie calculator system. No wonder 60 min of running exerted 28 calories. Nutritional calories: 300 a day. Underestimate much?
Summer can't be ending!! So much I still want to do. Learn French. Knit. Learn how to swim. GMATs. Yoga. Finish 100 Years of Solitude. :<( *POUT*
Trivia of the day: Who will be the new spokesperson for Estee Lauder's American Beauty Line?
(Yesterday's answer: Michael Jackson).


Blogger aaron said...

Steffi Graff looks like the terminator.

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