Friday, August 26, 2005

Manic Monday

Kudos to Nate for getting a new job in Houston!!
He starts on Monday.
What I am also starting on Monday is the Self Challenge. I went to to register and everything. You have three options: to get out of your couch potato self, get sleek muscles or to run a 3.1 race. I was going to choose the last one because I wanted to do a race but I think that the lifting weights thing is more of a challenge since I don't. But Mr. Nate does so the timing for this is quite apt. This is dedicated to you man. :)
I have to log all the squats and pull-ups that I do so I will record the process. I am more focused on the weight-lifting portion because I looked at the cardio and I do enough cardio already.
Really strange. I went to see the "Wedding Crashers" some long time ago, and I remember being like "it is quite strange that the family has a brunette, blonde and redhead be sisters." It turns out that the blonde went to my college! She was a year above me and I remember she borrowed my notes once for art history class. I think it is rather cool that she is taking a different route other than the usually ibanking, law and med school path the school tend to pump out.
The only other person on film that I know is Dr. Isaacs. He has a practice on Mercer Street and he was Morgan Spurlock's doctor in "Supersize Me." I met Morgan once and he lost all the weight. I did a dinner program with Dr Isaacs once and he saunters in late orders a big slab of meat, devours it and goes out for a smoke. Quite a pillar of health.
Looking at the pics of the Guggenheim Bilbao makes me really want to go there. (Thanks Aaron for posting it up. I do not have the capability because I am still on OS 9 and not Tiger GRRRR). The Gehry building looks more interesting than the Frank Lloyd Wright one in NYC but the NYC ones seems to have a better collection. I did training to be a docent for the Guggenheim. Toni does tours there still. I wanna go on a Toni tour!! :)


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