Friday, August 26, 2005

Step Letter

Ok...So this means that our blog means "step letter?!" No better yet... it means "step step letter letter." Yeah, that makes a whole lotta sense. Bite me. It's kinda like naming your kid O'so Krispie. WHo Does that?! (watch her win too so the crew is going to be t-boz, chilli and o'so k)
You go Ray!! :) You know whatcha did. 3072...Rock on :)
It is that time again. Yep, the US Open Tennis. It is my favorite sport. Deepak just called and said he will be in town to see a match. I went last year to see Justine Henin-Hardenne play Jennifer Capriati and Justine obliterated the once phenom. BAM!! Bitch went down. ;P
My favorite player of all-time is Steffi Graf but since she is no longer playing, I am going to bet on Federer (probably Federer and Roddick in the finals) and Sherapova (Sherapova and Williams) in the finals. I always wanted to be a ball girl. I think I might be a little bit too old for that now but alas! It sucks when all the players are now younger than you. Like Martina Hingis is my age but she can't play anymore due to injuries. She is now in the old man circuit, playing for charity. And Anna Kournikova is betrothed to Enrique. We old-timers now only have Venus to represent us. GO VENUS!!!
Do you know what Roddick has a website called the hell is that? HAVE YOU SEEN ANDY'S MOJO? :[
I went to the Apple store recently. I got the ipod in-ear headphones. It rocks the house. They have different sizes of plastic for your hearing pleasure: small, medium and large. Steve Jobs is so goddamn daft. It makes the bass so much better I must say. I really like the new picture Ipod. 'Tis a bit bigger but it is in color. It makes my mini ipod look really antiquated. But musak is musak. I really into the White Stripes right now and The Strokes. I am digging Gwen Stefani too. I really like her "Cool" video. Kanye's "Golddigger" is fun too. Kanye be weird though. He has a painting in his living room that resembles the Sistine Chapel's "The Last Judgment" except he is in it. I haven't really museum-hopped in a while but I saw the Richard Serra's exhibit in LA already that they have right now at the Whitney. It was alright. I would love to go see that exhibit in Bilbao though.
I bought the headphones for the gym. I have started spinning because of Lance. I don't know how he does it for six hours a day but it is a great workout. I have grown accustomed to it now so I am trying to stair-climb now. Oh Lord Have Mercy! Buns of steel, Buns of steel.
C, you are on! I would really like to go to that Il Laboratorio de Gelato on Orchard Street. I have heard great things about it!! :P
I would also like to share with you an anti-cooking/food handling tip that I learned the hard way. I really like to eat frozen watermelon and instead of taking my my-t-fine time to prepare it like cut it freeze the bits, I just take the whole thing and put it in the freezer. good idea/bad idea? if your response is the latter, you are like my sister,G. she came to visit me when the watermelon was still in the freezer and she was like "oh you are going to dry it up." I told her it ain't because the freezer is going to freeze it. so i forgot about it, it froze and i couldn't really eat it and then i just put it in the bottom fridge to let it thaw a wee bit. Lo and behold when it was in the fridge, it started thawing and now it is wizened. I hate it when my family is right. And I thought I was so daft. Boo hiss. I am going to hold off on the watermelon for a little while because cleaning the sticky mess ain't so fun. So honeydews for now. And I ain't going to put it in the freezer no mo'. :\


Blogger aaron said...

Not necessarily "step step letter letter". It could mean a bunch of things. However, as far as I can tell, none of them make any sense. It doesn't really bother me, though.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Loudog said...

yeah, it could also mean "penis star." i like that one.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous SlapHappy said...

I did an even better hand... 8,448 points. I love doubuling. :)

7:07 AM  

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