Friday, August 26, 2005

"I'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect..."

I just got back from an excellent hip-hop show at the fine Indianapolis club venue, The Patio. The show started off with a couple of local acts I don't really like, so I went with my friend Gyrid to The Casbah, had a beer and watched DJ Top Speed do some things with 45s that I've never seen done before. We came back while The Boom Bap Project was performing. They were alright, though I wasn't really paying attention. Some random girl insisted that I try her drink and tell her if I thought there was any alcohol in it. It tasted like Coke to me, so I said no, and she stormed off to go bitch at the bartender. Pretty odd.

Next, O.C. came on, who was my main reason for going. His set was excellent. He started off with some tracks that I wasn't too familiar with off his more recent albums, and then dropped his verse from "Dangerous", one of the better songs off Jewels. Next, he did a medley of his verses off some old D.I.T.C. tracks and then came in with the excellent "My World". Then, he did a couple songs off his album that's coming out in November. They sounded really good and I'm really looking forward to that album. Obviously, he finished things off with "Time's Up" and abruptly left after announcing that Non Phixion had decided to show up on their way to Chicago and were going to perform a couple songs, which was somewhat of a surprise. Ill Bill seemed a bit out of it.

After a while, headliners Heiroglyphics came on for an epic set that must have lasted over an hour and a half. I'm not too familiar with their albums, aside from a couple of tracks, and was pretty tired by this point, but it was a great show and everyone seemed to be really into it, which was great for a show in Indy. It was a great time and worth my 12 dollars. If this tour is coming to your town, check it out. And there you have it.


Blogger goaskalice said...

what is a casbah? There is a song called "Rock the casbah" Why is there need to rock it?

3:52 PM  
Blogger aaron said...

A casbah (or kasbah) is the older section of a city in northern Africa, often containing a citadel. It's sometimes used as a term for the citadel or castle itself. It's also the name of countless bars around America and, perhaps, the world. Why there is a need to rock it? Because the shareef don't like it, of course.

4:46 PM  

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